Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm doing something right part twix

I folded and was putting away laundry before a dinner party last night, (I normally use the super effecient 'floordrobe' system) and realised my drawers are like this:

1. White shirts.
2. Colour shirts.
3. Athletic gear.

Then I have like a big basket for shorts. And then a big basket for socks and underwear, and then coathangers for my now extensive jacket collection.

I have no real people clothes. This came to light in a fine dining experience last week, where I was supposed to dress up in formal attire, you know... in order to eat food, and realised I've been able to indulge myself for so long now, I don't even own dress shoes. Or neck ties. Or jackets. and my suit pants, I got them made in China with 90's style drop crotch, so even they are kind of a joke.

At any rate, I think there was a Leunig cartoon that's punchline was 'the distance any man is from happiness can be measured by laying his neck ties end to end' I gotta be pretty close.

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