Sunday, May 13, 2012

I must be doing something right 1

I don't know what day of the week it was, but I went home ate pizza and watched a DVD, practicing in front of the TV. Then without sitting at my computer I just went to sleep didn't even read a book.

It felt like such a rare window of opportunity. There have been other times in my life where the knowledge I had nothing to do that night has made me want to cry. But when you are just aching all over, fatigued to the point of lashing out at people, and the best thing you can imagine doing on a friday night is sleeping.

Then I think I'm doing something right.

I am actually an introvert, just not a very good one. But I've been pursuing for some 6 years now, longer than this blog a life I can be proud of, that I feel value in. And now I'm at the point where often I am more likely to have 2-3 things to go to on any given night than nothing.

Having nothing to do, no place I would be better off being is like a solar eclipse at the moment, heavenly bodies just have to align.

And what's more I do all this pretty much sober and always drug free. Party-animal I am not. There is just so much good shit going on all the time. The sad irony of globalisation is that there is so much more to do in Melbourne on a tuesday night than there is quality programming to stream from project-free tv or something.

But unless I paint a glamourous picture of myself. I do most shit very much on my lonesome, if I needed somebody to hold my hand to check out a gig, exhibit or whatever I'd never go to anything. That's the introvert advantage though, I am somewhat contented to just stand in a corner being quiet. And when you go to enough stuff you are tired enough to not care how you look, whilst your mind becomes more receptive to what you are seeing and hearing.

You also need a bike, a bike enables you to get from Carlton to Saint Kilda in 30-45 minutes, From Northcote to Carlton in 15, whereas that may be just your wait for a tram on a sunday night where you just about have to go into the city to get back out again.

Then inevitably your appearances can become tokenistic. But what of it? Clashes are in fact rare, and making an appearance is always better than skipping out.

The thing I think I do right, is that I go when I'm tired. Tired is not an excuse to not go to anything. It might be my cross country running history, but tired just means more energy is required. I make my decision to go to something when I see the poster, or get a facebook invite. That makes it easy when I'm tired and shitty on the night.

I've been going on average to two gigs a week for about 2 years now, and at the moment it's more like 4. About a year ago I observed I never regretted dragging myself to a gig. It remains true.

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