Sunday, May 21, 2006

Man crush

A lot of interesting things happened today. But I wont talk about it because this blog was never going to be as coherent as an account of daily events.
Something curious has happened to me that I have never experienced before. Not true love no, I have experienced that a couple of times and would be sure if that were the case. I got my first man crush. I've never thought anyone but far off ditant rockstars an celebrities were cooler or had more to offer me than I did myself but since I've started playing basketball again for the first time I've got a role model in coolness.
He's a japanese dude. I've met cool Japanese before and I must say Japanese people re very dedicated and generally are dedicated to either being cool or being studious. The studious ones are the ones that tend to make it to Australia. At any rate this guy had done both so you know high fives all round for him.
He's one of these showman harlem globetrotter spin the ball on their finger types and he has it ll down, the style, the humour all of that.
I have friends who are funny, but not attractive.
I have friends who are attractive but not funny.
I have friends who are funny and attractive but they aren't good for anything or at anything.
So this dude has all three as far as I'm concerned.
It's not homo erotic or anything, which is why Man-crush is a popular but misleading term. It's like when women talk about Angelina Jolie, because really what they are seeing is John Voight minus a moustache I guess.
I culdn't begin to speculate if I would be attracted to this dude if I was a chick. If I was a chick I'd probably have different interests, tastes and preferences anyway.
so really its a dumb question and I'm offended that you ask.
Besides Japanese people are supposed to have real small dicks.

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