Friday, May 26, 2006

Blasphemy and Criticism

Tom Jones said 'There isn't a day I wake up where I don't thank god I'm Welsh' it's an odd quote. Everyday I appreciate that I am a dude and I am an atheist.
A fair while ago Father Bob wrote on his blog about dealing with blasphemy highlighting the violent riots of Moslem communities around the world to the portrayel of Mohammed by some newspaper (a reaction Mohammed would have condemned and furthermore the purpose of forbidding Mohammed from being portrayed is so he would never become the focal point of the religion and treated as an idol rather than a messenger) and the Taliban's destruction of carved Buddha's in Afghanistan. The Christian groups protests against the da vinci code and Scientologists outrage at the Southpark episode that portrayed their religion as a money making scam.
Yet these reactions highlight the flimsiness of the belief and the misalligned energy of its practitioners.
I'm not a fan of democracy but what I love about it isn't the supposed self determination of the electoral process, nor all civil liberties put together but the fact that comedians can bag out the powers that be.
Think about it when was the last person too fragile to hear criticism ever to make an impact on the world. Most religious leaders and economic theorists were regarded as crack pots and weirdos in their time.
My coworker is a smoker, rather than thinking about the new graphic imagery on her cigarette packs she got the guy at the store to filter through them till he found one with only a graph on it.
I can't imagine how many teenage girls are being spared this debilitating habit right now by the fact the package conflicts with the 'cool' imagery.
Yet her solution was to find a way not to look at it.
If your a smoker see if you can handle this criticism: You smeel bad, your dwellings smell bad, you are unfit, your fingernails are yellowish and your teeth are brown.
There's ways to cover up all of this but the fact is if you don't confront the criticism the criticism will destroy you. Whatever it may be, (I was criticised over my appearance and attire recently at work, it pissed me off but I felt at ease when I addressed it) it exists. The things portrayed on cigarette packaging doesn't not exist because it's not their.
Blasphemous thoughts don't go away because nobody is voicing them. They infact get channelled into policy by the resentful populace all achieving further alienation because nobody is willing to engage in discussion.
If you disagree with me, just imagine you smell real bad, maybe you do. Wouldn't you rather know?

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