Friday, May 19, 2006

Hair Hair Hair Long Glorious Hair

I am a long hair. For over a year now no artificial mens has been used to cmbat the progression of my hair. I don't want to sound queer or nothing but long hair is beautiful. On a guy. On gils too, nothing is as surer sign of surrender to middle age than closely cropped hair on a girl with a few exceptions like shaved heads and lezbian haircuts.
Anyway nothiing is so manly as the Leonine main created through a combination of extreme patience and shampoos designed for 'curl enhancement' although women are of differing opinion since the advent of 'Friends' and chandler's puncey move to gelled (that's groovy - can be heard by your hairdresser as she tries to reassure a teenager they are cool) short spikes in what is otherwise a haircut acceptable for the milatary. In Chandler's case it was probably a good move as he is and remains a punce.
But you see a guy running around a park with a shaved head you just think he's someone who you don't particularly want to talk to. But Vainglorious locks bouncing rythmically up and down like unsecured breasts in flight is majestic, hypnotic and more to the point distracts people from how fast/slow you actually run.
Take my advice grow your hair guys even if the girls don't apreciate it at least you can braid it at sleepovers.

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