Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be Creative

I recommend being creative because it is much easier than being excellent. Keep in mind that it is still hard to be excellent and creative.

I suspect like other industries, the way art is consummed these days has changed rapidly with the advent of the internet. Most people's impressions of fine art are no longer predominantly from visiting gallaries and curated exhibitions but in public spaces, and more often inter-office chainmails, to be flicked over while bored and trapped or blinked at and maybe instagramed on your way to something else.

These are what I have deduced are the 'creative' solutions to this new interaction:

1. Scale

Increase the scale. You can use one of two methods, literally increase the scale take any object and make it really large. Or mutliple copies, like make something really large by stacking heaps of identical objects.

2. Media

Change your media to something unconventional. Instead of ink on paper, jam on toast, match sticks, sand and a rake, crushed cans, recyclables, garbage, frisbees...

3. Tedium

Replicate something a machine does with similar precision by hand. Imitate a dot-matrix printer.

4. Space

Change the way an audience interacts with a space by putting something in it.

5. Obfuscation

Take the message of your piece and d l t  pa t  f  t. Or obscure it.

6. Dimension

If you have a 2D piece add a 3rd dimension.

7. Recursion.

Take a picture, then take a picture of that picture.

8. Documentation.

Document your process, or document anything.

9. Iteration.

Do something multiple times.

10. Combine.

Combine any of the above 9.

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