Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I don't understand depression, the normal chemical functioning of the brain is so intrinsic to my conscious experience, empathising is impossible. Depression is harder to understand or even imagine than other unfamiliar experiences such as being blind, deaf or an amputee.

In all those cases speculation as to what one would do is quite possible, to imagine more importantly the quality of life obtainable.

I have experienced similar but ultimately temporary - environmental states comparible with depression - such as grief or loneliness. But to imagine those states of mind devoid of their context, and lasting, enduring is hard, particularly given that imagining, speculating are temporary in their own nature.

But the idea, the idea that on any particular morning, on an otherwise nondescript da you could wake up lacking the motivation the desire to do anything in particular, to not feel any prospect the day could yeild any enjoyment.

And that the condition persist in those that flourish despite of it, find meaningful careers, people to share their lives with and things to look forward to, borders on the obscne to me. A cruel affliction, that leaves me unable to comprehend the extent of the strength of people who live with it.

And of course it must be compounded by the fact that it is so hard to understand by the 80% of the population who never suffer it in any form. I spend little time attempting to comprehend just what depression means for people, but any time I do I find it beyond my ability.

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