Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back In Therepy

Why? Largely because I could.

There was no real incident that precipitated going back. Whereas the first time I hilariously obtained my doctors referal in such a way as to have nothing more than the bullet point 'delusional stalker' on my medical record (I have been found to be neither) this time I hilariously found a strange lump that I couldn't squeeze like a pimple, went to the GP with all those skin cancer ads on my mind and was told 'it's a pimple' leaving us with 13 minutes of nothing to talk about, so to kill time she referred me for another 6 sessions.

I had that referral up my sleeve, and well I can't really go into detail in the public domain of why I decided to finally cash them in, but the essential epiphany was this:

I got everything I ever wished for. I just got caught out by how little I enjoy losing.

I had the epiphany on my ownsome, so now I'm just fleshing it out with my therapist. It's been really productive, and it's illustrated how consistent my approach to everything is.

I always thought it was a shame that most people (if ever) only seek therapy when shit has boiled over, where much of that boil over could be prevented simply by observing our daily behaviour.

Unlike every other time I have turned up to therapy struggling and go out feeling great, this is the strongest I've been going to therapy and it's been really constructive.

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