Thursday, August 02, 2012

Right Here, Right Now

Don't judge me, okay, we all have our problems. But this song has been on high rotation lately, high rotation is an understatement, it's one of those songs that is both rousing anthem and yet never really takes off, so you can listen to it and be left feeling hungry.

and yet as the lyrics seep into my skull, it does highlight one of those wonderful truisms, that despite our penchant for reading horoscopes, tarot cards, tea leaves or worse the financial sections of the newspaper, all these desperate attempts to gain knowledge of the future... I love the future being opaque.

The future is the first and final frontier, you can imagine times you'd rather be alive, like when Rachel Welsh was wearing a fur bikini, but ultimately all you really need is a fundamental ignorance of what is going to happen today, and it's potentially the best day of your life.

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