Sunday, August 05, 2012

Perfect Days

I had two whole perfect days last year.Perfect. Days where you can go to bed and drift off with the whole 'I could not have spent today any better.' And to describe what constitutes a perfect day for me would I'm sure fall short of describing a perfect day for you. Just that I thought I'd note that it's an extreme privelege, it's a lot. I'm sure there are people that get more, I'm sure that there are people who are still waiting for one in their lifetime.

But consider, if life is indeed a Hobbesian nightmare of struggle and suffering, the alternative (death) is an experience of no sensation at all, I don't believe life is struggle and suffering, but assume it is, if you just get a perfect day to enjoy here and there, it makes it all worthwhile. It makes it ALL worthwhile.

I certainly enjoyed those two days, I'll remember them more than any others of the year.

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