Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eating Dessert First

Over the past... 5 days, I have been writing invites, specifically 215 written invites to people for my forthcoming exhibition.

It's kind of exhausting, and yet, like when I am running well, totally amazing to see just how deep the well of affection is. I mean that not in the sense of 'I have 200+ friends' but just as I go through the list I have something to write for everyone, something I appreciate about them, admire from afar, and its just the greatest exercise in the world.

In some ways the hardest to write are the ones I love most, because I've expressed it all before, and one gains an appreciation of the skill of remixing, to make timelessly old affection new again.

And obviously, obviously this is an activity with an agenda, the agenda being, I want people to come. But I want people to know how much I want them to come. It's something that I've only been able to do recently, since I've started the art thing, and I'm finally doing something I want to share with the peeps I love.

It's like its a part of me I finally want to succeed, it wasn't till I had artwork that I felt the nouse to ask anything for me. But really it's just the best fucking excuse to write everybody I can think of and tell them they mean something to me.

By comparison the drawing and inking is the painful part. Good thing I sent out all these invites, now I'm obliged to put something on show.

Eat desserts first!

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