Sunday, July 29, 2012


So I've been going through a reclusive phase, I can't remember the last social event I went to, I guess it must have been a fortnight ago now. I literally can't remember what I would have done. I regret not scheduling any downtime between hairspray and my next exhibition. I think with my travel deadlines it was an impossibility anyway, I think I really just needed a week to play video games and catch up on movies solid.

I have caught up on some movies, comedies mostly, I hadn't seen Blades of Glory yet, I can't believe how long it took me to watch that. And I finally saw Black Dynamite, which I think is the movie I've been waiting my whole life to see.

But what I've been lacking is a video game to just dissappear into for like a solid week, and I can't see that happening till after I return from the US in November. Maybe in September I'll find some time, but I'll be marathon training too, and I do intend to get a new job, so who knows if my lifestyle will afford that simple pleasure.

Anyway, I think my wet blanket is finally starting to dry out. One huge benefit of hosting an exhibition is getting in touch with pretty much everybody you know. And one such person in my far away club gave me a call today, and it was just who I needed to hear from.

He was one of my highschool friends from the 'expelled from elite Melbourne Private school club' that were generally amongst my favorites. An entreprenuer and in many ways my complete opposite, but it's becoming more confusing as to what my complete opposite is these days, he and I for all our differences have so much common ground.

It was just refreshing, makes me feel like socialising again. I'm pretty lucky, everywhere I go I'm with people I love, on paper it makes no sense that I want to retreat. I guess the thing is that hairspray ate up all of my precious solitude time, my downtime. I actually made it to every gig, every birthday party, every exhibition launch while working on it. What I didn't get to do was sit alone at home with the dog and draw what I want to draw between watching Wil Ferral movies and playing video games.

The last four days have been spent doing studies, and I'm itching, itching to get into my exhibition pieces, but a got another 24 hours and plenty of studies in the pile, so here's to looking forwards and upwards.

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