Monday, April 16, 2012

Make Less Decisions

I've been subscribed to the manager-tools newsletter since before I left Honda, which is a pretty long time. It's also been a loooong time since I listened to a manager-tools podcast, but I still read the newsletters from time to time.

A recent one was about how it is good to make less decisions. Here is an excerpt from it, and let me say if you want to be a manager, just don't bother with other shit head to and actually learn.

One of my themes for this year is 'make less decisions'. Scientists say that every decision you make saps a little bit of energy from your body... The secret, they say, is to make the decisions ahead of time, when you're not in the situation where you have to make the decision. So instead of deciding at 3.55pm whether to have the donut or not, you decide Sunday night 'this week, I'm not eating donuts'. When you get presented with one at 4pm on Thursday, there's no willpower involved, you already made the decision.

In that spirit I'm heading back into an intensive work period where I will need to be really. And I mean REALLY fucken productive. Everything I do I want to be a triumph the likes of which Ceaser would envy, and for the scale of the project I have (semi-unwittingly) taken on, it's going to end up eating my life to get that result.

So here are my decisions I have made for my life for the next two-three months.

1. Short runs only - Speed sessions 800m or 3km, focus on running fast.
2. Practice instead of watching TV or Movies. Practicing is my new 'break'
3. I will produce 10 pictures per day.
4. Only eat when hungry.

Hopefully this can get me into a healthier lifestyle than when I was in late stage exhibit preparation. There I was incredibly productive but alas just stacking on weight and completely absorbed in the task.

This is the plan, allegedly sharing them makes us more likely to stick to them.

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