Monday, April 23, 2012

That's It I'm Out

Pornography has escalated to a point that I would just rather move onto lingeret brochures or something rather than continue to see what the internet will offer. I presume it follows a similar pattern to comedy, that where the shock value must constantly inflate in order to get the same arousal from viewers. But the sensory plesure of the physical act of sex remains constant. It doesn't take much physical contact to get a guy to cream his pants, even the most vanilla sex, like a 5 minute session in the missionary position is pretty fantastic. But now almost by rote you watch some girl gag on some guys dick and then get face fucked while confronting amounts of saliva fall out in strings from her mouth, then she'll turn around and the guy will spit on her arsehole and then proceed to anal sex, followed by more oral sex. And this is the new 'vanilla' porno. I remember when I was an anxt ridden teenager studying studio art reading an interview with R.S. Connett (whom was a very good inspiration for angsty ridden art students) that had an excerpt to the effect of:
I just quit my Big-Shot, Big money job. AHH-HAA! :) ! The story circulating is that I had a "nervous breakdown". What does that mean? Perhaps it could be defined thusly; I'm sick and tired of trading my precious time hanging around with idiots who think the greatest thing in the world is some pathetically ill-treated female getting fucked by three guys and beat up by a forth. Fuck America and it's sick sexuality ... Porno brings in more money than Hollywood! What does that tell you about the general sexuality of The Unholy Empire of America? Our top movies included scenes with a female getting her hair brutally yanked while being sodomized and forced to eat human feces and drink piss from a dirty toilet in a public gas station men's room. Does that turn you on? Are you getting a chubby as you read this?
Ironically I dug this up in a post on his blog that was a response to a guestbook comment that his art had never progressed past the teen-male phase. And I guess this post on Porno is one of the ones I find hard to post because I have an opinion on it, but am supposed to keep that opinion to myself or maintain a persona that doesn't spend any time in the day looking at porno. And I mean, I'm sure there are people that don't look at porno, and I would guesstimate they make up the same percentage of the population that say non-drinkers do. But RS makes the point and it is just the point that porno has bigger revenue's than hollywood, and this written in a year before torrentz were taking big money out of hollywood. Pornography is supposed to be 90% of the internet with another 9% being pictures of cats doing crazy thing and the remaining 1% being what we pretend the internet is. And I mean it isn't like a want to talk about pornography, in much the same way that I brush my teeth and shower fairly regularly and I've never felt the compulsion to have a conversation with a work colleague on those topics. It's not that interesting simply put, except in the fact that I feel there's an increasing disconnect between what goes on in a porno and what sex actually is, and whether this arises in confusion. It does presumably have a knock on effect to society at large, like the disparity covered in 'Female Chauvinist Pigs' specifically the ratio of girls who have performed felatio to guys who have performed cunnalingus, which would then promote a further disparity between how often each act is performed by who in a couple. And you can see if you watch say - ten clips of porno, exactly how such a norm would arise, given that you can virtually guaruntee that a dick will get sucked in any porno, but even a token pussy licking will be shortlived, infrequent and most often between two girls. Other more obvious trends that leap from porno (and I guess the sex industry at large) to real world is an aversion to pubic hair (which I share) and so on and so forth. And maybe it's just an old person conversation of 'I don't get these kids today' my brother told me of some article about this escalation between generations of women, that prudish depression era mothers were shocked to learn their girls where giving blowjobs in the high school mens bathrooms or bus shelters, and these girls grew up to be mothers who in turn are shocked to discover their girls are sending videoclips of themselves masturbating out into the internet (I can't vouch for this I haven't seen any such clips and I hope never to). But the thing is, that I enjoy pornography, I mean I enjoy pin-up art. I am happy to admit that the sex industry involves a whole spectrum from pin-up art on the sides of World War II era plains to sadomasochistic snuff porn. And you can try and intellectualise it and say 'pornos not real' and this works to some extent. Porno is a masturbatory aid, and try as you might audio/visual stimulation will never compete with 'the real thing' which is why it has to be so graphic, and increasingly so as the contents ability to stimulate wears off, becomes boring and uninteresting. It's a fantasy designed to expedite our own imaginations ability to take us out of a dark room by ourselves into a fantastical place where we interact with a desirable person that desires us. But the fantasy in porno has to be acted out by real people. It requires us to dehumanise what is going on in order to enjoy it, like 'too soon' jokes after some widely reported tragedy. The more graphic and sadistic porno's norms get though, the less I can dehumanise the fantasy, the more you remember that many if not most pornstars are the victims of some childhood abuse, that they surgically alter their bodies for a well compensated but mostly short term career that nevertheless will follow them around for the rest of their lives. That's a fucken turn off, I guess for me, the standards of pornography whilst never exposing me to what RS Connett is talking about, have crossed that turn-on/turn-off threshold. PS. I hate guys that talk to me about porno, specifically the guys who talk to me about porno only in the presence of guys only. Like I am part of some conspiracy to keep women in their place, and all the overtones of 'you know what I'm talkin about.' and 'aight brother.' I do not what you are talking about. It's fun to jack off. It is easier to jack off after watching a porno. It doesn't take much. Porno is a masturbatory aid, the women of porno are mentally disposable to me and almost constantly replaced and porno has little or nothing to do with how I relate to actual women. What I don't know you are talkin' about is whether your life is some pursuit of trying to trick an actual woman into thinking she is in some kind of porno and reenacting your favorite scenes with you. That's just stupid.

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