Saturday, April 07, 2012


The Easter weekend is boring. I know I know I only have myself to blame, but this weekend I've been to an art launch, hosted a dinner party and am going to a Barbarion gig tonight, yet I still find the time to be bored.

It reminds me of the character from Douglas Adam's hitchhikers series, that wound up being immortal. He ended up deciding to insult the universe in Alphabetical order because he had 'too many Sunday afternoons' those painful times where we just have nothing to do.

Good Friday I maintain is the worst public holiday of all the public holidays. While the traditional 4 day weekend of Easter is a chance for working stiffs to get away one last time before winter, I would personally much rather trade it for a day off on Valentines, you know celebrate something other than mourning.

And was the mourning of Christ really necessary? Or just a facade like the encore at a concert. Just as bands I'm sure pretty much expect to do an encore, and the crowds cheering is a mere formality these days, would Jesus have come back if his few fans hadn't been upset but were instead constructively moving on with their lives already?

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