Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twelve Moments

So today's my birthday, blah. On monday I launched my new webcomic called 'twelve moments' when I say mine it's really 'ours' and it involves collaboration. It should take you some time to check it out so I won't say much here but what I will say is this...

The whole thing was designed to force me to work and become better (possibly upto decent) at drawing comics, layouts and shit. To stop me from being lazy, but it also created an opportunity for the peeps that write the comics to be creative and in particular create something they would otherwise be unable to create.

Those coming from a media background used to storyboards and what not take to it straight away, those who write in more literary traditions not so much. But I have been surprised at how good the contributions have been from people who universally have little to no experience with comics.

I think western comics have a huge untapped advantage in having a traditional model of writer-artist teams rather than the Japanese tradition of writer as artist. But this advantage has amounted to little, or much less than it should. Why? Because it is an artist dominated industry as my brother puts it. Artists want to work on their own thing and block peeps who can write from entering it. Everybody if offered the chance should write a comic, particularly with a risk averse hollywood only really making adaptations, if you are an aspiring director or screenwriter soon will come the days when you have to first release your film as a comic before anyone will produce it in order to establish a following.

Okay I've said my piece, this project has felt good, really good:

twelve moments by us.

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