Thursday, August 27, 2009

Megan Fox is Catwoman?

You can explain the state of big budget movies by such speculation, its on all the time 'Angelina Jolie is new catwoman' sometimes, the speculation comes true 'Halle Berry is catwoman' etc.

I just wonder why people think they care, or that having someone hot in some kind of cat costume will make a movie actually fun to watch. There was never speculation as to whether Pamela Anderson would wear some kind of swimming outfit on Baywatch each week, nor did the expectation being filled create compelling viewing.

Baywatch was an eye candy parade, with David Hasselhoff for added entertainment value. Just as whether some Hollywood starlet is catwoman or not tells you nothing about the quality of the film. I believe Halle won the rasberry that year for Catwoman, regarded widely as one of the worst films ever.

I'd be more excited if someone was putting around rumours 'Meryl Streep is new catwoman' it might make for some actually compelling performance.

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