Monday, April 20, 2009

Things people have told me I should be, in no particular order

1. A stand-up comedian.
2. A singer for a band. (?)
3. A financial adviser.
4. An artist.
5. A writer of travelogues.
6. Just a plain old writer.
7. An actor.
8. A fluffer.
9. An advertising accounts executive. (this includes a computer program)
10. A museum curator (the same computer program).
11. An actuary.
12. A physicist.
13. A marketer.
14. A manager.
15. A model. (??)

But strangely I have never been told I should be these:

1. A professional basketball player.
2. A poet.
3. A bass guitar player.
4. A teacher.

Not strangely I have never been told I should be these:

1. Pope.
2. An Editor.
3. A fashion designer.

I had a friend that seemed/seems to drift through life never finding his niche. Or to put it in cycling terms, his chain bounces around and never gains purchase on a particular gear. I used to think 'he can do anything, his problem is he doesn't realise that all he has to do is something.' I never appreciated how hard it is to just do 'something' is until now, when we could be so much.

Compounding this, all the safe, sure and 'valuable' uses of time I was meant to do are currently in the process of imploding, turns out much of the activities with which I could occupy myself were of no use to anyone, not least of which was myself and the market seems to be just figuring this out. I have no credible sources of career advice.

I think I'll just keep bumping around on the gears for now. As scary as it is, if I pause and concentrate it makes a pleasing sound.

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