Monday, March 30, 2009

Inspiration Shminspiration

I have long held the belief that people that point to the importance of holy texts and classics shut out too much of the rest of the world of inspiration.

So people who point to the role of the bible and it's cultural contributions are in fact making the world of culture poorer for it because it's a norming behaviour, the renaissance artists could have chosen from a whole world of themes, but were forced by the comissions going around to do work after work entitled 'the annunciations', 'the crucifiction' and 'john the baptist'.

So while this is cool:

so too is this, that draws on Marvel comic book mythology to spout the same amount of nonsensical but cool imagery:

Singing about some made up space lord, in my book is just as good as drawing inspiration from revelations, the Koran and a lot better than Tolkien.

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