Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Guys I would be happy for my daughter to bring home, guys I would be very unhappy for my daughter to bring home.

Guys I would approve of as suitors:

1. Jimmy Pop

2. Serj Tankian

3. Tom Morello

4. Bill Hicks

5. Lawnge or Dres

Guys that should my daughter bring them home would force me to murder my own kin then dig out my own eyeballs with my palms and ingest them:

1. The Jonas Brothers

2. That kid from high school musical

3. Any of the Hanson's

4. Jude Law

5. Jimmy Fallon

6. Shia Lebouf

Obviously I'm being a bit presumptuous on the part of my daughter, if she is a lezbian believe me I have some exciting lists for that too.

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