Friday, February 06, 2009

Achtung!: Taking a break can lead to random acts of excitement

I checked facebook, meh. my friends are boring. I checked, not much excitement today. I checked hotmail. A notification from facebook. I went to CGtalk.
No updates, no contests.

I was scratching my head faced with the dilemma of two unpleasant options - going outside or getting back to work. When it occured to me that I hadn't read bikesnobnyc's blog in ages. That bastion of my travelling days.

And I came across a link where he had highlighted this quote from some fixed gear owner:

Hi from Singapore! This is my first fixed gear bike, custom built by Vanguard Designs here in town. I told them I wanted a bike that was futuristic, but as if someone had designed it in 1983 thinking about the future. Picked it up yesterday and I think they nailed it.

Which is in other words - Japan!

Yes, I was amazed to see that someone else in the world had a hunkering for this aesthetic quality - a future concieved in the 80's. And low and behold that person is from Singapore, confirming certain other theories I have.

This caused unexpected excitement.

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