Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Serious Comparison

What's the difference betwixt this:

And this?:

The answer be $$$. In the 1973 the Pollock piece was purchased for $1.3 million. I don't know if it was from the artist directly, I don't know what Pollock or his estate made out of it. The thing with art is that in most cases, art transactions are secondary market, meaning they have nothing to do with the person who made it.

According to Wikipedia, Number 11 or 'The Blue Poles' has been valued somewhere between $20-100 million.

By contrast Hello Kitty as of 2010 was worth $5 billion a year. Pollock paintings are reproduced too, I'm sure. Postcards, dish cloths etc. Hello Kitty is probably literally everything. Licensing is huge. The only way you could outdo Hello Kitty in licensing revenues was if you owned the question mark or some shit.

See many artists want to be the Rolls Royce of automobiles. A noble pursuit, but think of the Toyota Camry. Rolls Royce got broke, bought. Toyota Camry the highest selling car model in the world. Y

If you want to go pro, and not just indulge yourself some self-pity, masochism, consider trying to become the Toyota Camry of artists.

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