Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rooting to Lose

I'm rooting for somebody to lose, that somebody is the entity known as 'The Miami Heat' currently playing out the fourth quarter of game 3 in the Spurs-Heat Championship series.

And sometimes you can do. Because it's important that Heat set an example for the league. Namely that players can't collude to use their free-agency to distort the competition. The three top free agents 4 years ago all migrated to Miami to join Wade's team. It wasn't right, the club, the owners facilitated - but it hurt the competition, from the get-go.

They've had two back-to-back championships in a row, now what you need is damage control - they either lose or in the interest of the Association, they need to adopt AFL like salary caps, ones that can't be exceeded by rich clubs at the price of luxury tax. Caps that can't be exceeded - period. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing.

But it would be nicer, if all the little kids could see the Miami plot fail, founder. To understand that despite two championships the heat's players were never champions in the spiritual sense of the word. Because if they were champions they would be currently competing against eachother.

They have participation trophies shared with eachother, obtained in a manner fundamentally different to Jordan-Pippen's, or Kobe-Shaq's, even Wade-Shaq's chip. Those were players in the game taking a risk. The Bron-Bosh-Wade alliance was risk avoidance, risk averse. They transferred the risks to the rest of the league and set about winning championships by default.

I hope the spurs put an end to it in the coming weeks.

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