Friday, June 21, 2013


One thing I'm committed to is trying to ensure that should I die tomorrow, nobody I know wouldn't know how I feel about them. Or at least they would have some tangible letter, email, or even facebook message to go back and console themselves with, and those messages I try to imbue with my honest feelings. 

Harvard has one-upped me though, and I think extended the challenge for me, by bestowing upon me the tremendous, unfathomable privilege of reading 

words like these written about yourself. In most people's cases, I think in most people's cases, this kind of thing is only enjoyed by the people that loved them most after they are dead. 

I literally can't tell you what it means to read that post. Or to possess the knowledge that your mother has read it, she can see, can know the impact I've had on somebody else. 

Few people ever get to read/hear such words. 

I hope Harvard keeps this project up he is doing a wonderful thing, and I hope Harvard lives long enough that I can use my supposed command of the english language to put out there one day just what he means to me. I gotta work harder though to create a better forum than this.

In the meantime, I'm giving myself a notch for this achievement, because whatever it is I'm doing, I feel I must be doing something right.

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