Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It Gets Better Project

I have to paraphrase from memory so forgive me - "the unspoken deal was this: you are ours to torture until you are 18, we can do whatever we want to you. After that you can move to San Francisco and do whatever you want, except talk to those of you who are still under 18, they're ours. The problem was that the gays we needed to talk to, we could never get permission to talk to." or something, Dan Savage after a teen in America hung himself the result of bullying over his presumed sexual orientation, had an epiphany that youtube and the internet meant that you don't need permission anymore, they could tell these kids going through hell that 'It Gets Better' and thus was born the 'It Gets Better Project'

What an amazing and wonderful use of technology, and amazingly, the first person to tell me about it wasn't through any media chanel but Youtube, as told to me by Dan Savage.

Gay, Trans, Bi, Intergender, Queer or Straight, if you ever need evidence that there are good and decent people who are willing to save your life out there check it out:

there's a dedicated site for Australia:

any queer friends I hope you take time to contribute.

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