Thursday, March 07, 2013

Art Exclusivity 1

Work becomes an irritation, you just want to draw or paint or write all day, one fanatical push towards excellence. But you have bills to pay, materials to buy, eventually you need to eat something... it is a long standing dream, to be an exclusion from the material reality that affects every other profession.

The artist also has suppliers, competition, customers, we make shit out of shit that needs to be sourced, manufactured etc. we need to labour away, burn calories, eat, sleep, rooves over the heads...

With older artists, I suspect the delusion cannot outlast the reality. With younger artists often the material reality is externalised, that is to say, somebody has to pay the bills and these bills can be paid by parents. But it remains a delusion, or at the very least cognitive dissonance. Maybe I'm too harsh, there's probably a bunch of artists that work graveyard shifts and pay he gallery rent space or whatever and instead of externalising the material costs of their practice they exclude their supporters from providing any material support.

Alll for an ideology that says art should be uncontained, an ideology that can't be realised until the perpetual motion machine is built and we have limitless energies. Until then anything that is produced in the physical realm is constrained by physics.

Which brings science into it and I have more to write about the recent seperation of art vs science.

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