Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The More things change... well fucekn nothin's changed really

Try as I might, I just can't bring myself to fucken study. I remember Q pointing out that even mustering up the motivation to get your schoolbooks out on the table was reason enough for a break.

I've always been a chronic procrastinator and it seems yet again my reason cannot override my compulsions to save myself. It's amazing that when faced with the prospect of studying for a Macroeconomics exam ANYTHING else in the world becomes interesting.

I've cut myself off from facebook, and thus have to be creative as well, not that facebook is that interesting. Although it gives me the bizarre impression that somewhere out there I have friends.

Todays diversion - watching Josh Freese clips on youtube, this is a follow on from yesterdays diversions (well technically today) which was watching Letterman bitch to Katie Couric about people's apathy to the environment and a performance by Devo whose drummer is Josh Freese.

Even then I was able to kill 20 minutes of what would otherwise* been spent studying finding out how to spell 'Katie Couric' via reading Amy Poehler's wikipedia sight. The world is full of information, information that is not relevnt to my exam.


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