Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Made my whole fucken week

Enjoy :)

Thanks for the invite, this is the first act of creativity I've really done since our drawing competition in grade 4. You broke my spirit and now you've fixed it. It's been fun.
- Q

Since I got back to my 12 year old roots and started drawing again the transformative effect has been profound on my psyche. It's what I enjoy and find challanging and everything my previous careers have failed to deliver in one.
It is a lonely process though, sitting at a table somewhere or in the corner of a library scratching lines into paper then inking over them.

So I am exceptionally glad there are people like Bobby Chiu in the world interviewing artists week after week to actually create some kind of connected community and transmission of knowledge.
In another way when you are just working from Tim Sale's reference or whatever it is pretty one-way-intimate. Like experiencing somebodies nervous system vicariously.

But the quote from tim sale that lead me to initiate 12 moments put me onto something that was brilliant and obvious (and as a fan of projak was literally staring me in the face) and that is to collaborate.

Mostly I've only invited media-type students to contribute so far, but then I remembered Q who was the first person ever I honestly thought was a better drawer than me when he intruded on my turf in Grade 4. I remember Ben actually telling me I was worse and to check out the awesome flaming skull Q had drawn.

I don't think I've ever felt so threatened in my life. Fortunately Q and I became friends, often seperated, only to be reunited again.

The feedback from Q really got me on a high yesterday, so high I decided not to do my Finance assignment and just walk around a park listening to Dandy Warhols. Really I should (and do) be thanking him and anyone else willing to donate the time and mental effort to contribute to my twelve moments project.

But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't being duplicitous when I invite people to contribute. That I secretely want to get their first taste of creating stuff, become addicted while I jack up the price.

It's just super-nice to know in some way I've created a welcome diversion from the drudgery of somebodies office life.

I'll be riding this high till I wake up with a copic marker stuck up my nose and no memory of the last 36 hours.

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