Friday, February 19, 2010

Chunking Express

Before you correct me Harvard, the typo is intentional, it is my last ditch effort to come up with a creative name for this post.

To chunk is computer nerd lingo for compressing some recurring piece of programming down into a simple term, so you can compress big pieces of code into small strings of symbols and you see, my typo is clever because... Oh fuck it who cares.

I watched Chung King Express because I'd never seen anything by Wong Kar Wai before but somebody had told me that the past 2 decades of directing have really been his and Tarentino's. Now to put anyone in the same sentence as Tarintono is a pretty big claim. I guess unless it's Eli Roth or Robert Rodrigez in which its a non-statement.

Do I even mean what I say I am meaning? Ahh... I'm tired.

Anyway, this may be really uncool, but I really liked the ending of this film, it was beautiful. It may seem painful, like a movie about not getting any, but at the risk of sounding like Harvard when he claims 'in the mood for love ruined my life' I really related to the ending of this film.

I couldn't relate at all to the long drawn out, girl breaking into guys apartment every day for what must have been months, that was just weird and way way too repetitively tedious, but in the end... and here's what I suspect is uncool so if you haven't seen it I'm going to give you a sentence of generic text to avoid the temptation of reading a spoiler.

Lorum ipsum lick my balls, cogito ergo sum, post hoc prop something something ergo prop.

I like when Faye is drawing out the boarding pass, and asks Richard where he wants to go and he says 'wherever you want to take me' or something to that effect. That's my definition of 'true' love, or perhaps how to ask for it.

When I was lucid again in the prolonged (by my perception of time) breakup with Monkey-hands and we were conversing in a rational way (by my perception of reason) I remember in perhaps a barbed gesture mentioning 'I don't know what kind of abandonment issues I'll have from this one.' and while generally I think I've survived my relationships thus far with no real abandonment issues that would make me overprotective or paranoid that I would be walked out on again, I think it manifests in the belief that I am yet to experience that 'true' love.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about 'the one' like some girl that got cheated on at her debutant ball after party with tears streaking through my instatan. I'm talking of that commitment to somebody that is so much more and so much less than a wedding ring.

There's something so cut and dry and dull about marriage to me. As in it's the icing on what had thus far been a tasty nourishing, healthy and affordable cake. This is different, this is the simple beautiful gesture of being asked to come along.

I knew I'd written this somewhere before I watched any Wong Kar Wai, and it was in my overwhelmingly positively recieved 'A Girl's Guide To Break-Ups':

B) You can stop trying to make long distance relationships work, invite your boyfriend to come with you, or move on.

That's just the most blatent example of a sentiment that is repeatedly alarmingly often in that post and any psycho analyst who read it would have stumbled on my abandonment issues long ago.

But it struck me that I've never been invited to stay by someone I've loved, or to come with them. Not even given the option, they simply left me. I tried to follow to some lacklustre extent once, and with lacklustre results. But I feel like the 17 year old girl that's never been kissed, not even at her debutant ball.

Stupid huh? Pathetic huh? But sadly true, perhaps relationships always provide new frontiers, but the next girl I'm with, the kisses will be nice I'm sure, and the sex will be fun, but I'll be pining for the day she tells me of some pending career move, or lifestyle change, or sabatical, or even holiday and actually thinks to ask me if I want to come, instead of being treated like a sofa they are going to have to palm off before they go.

When I think about how nice this would be, I worry that A) I would start crying if it actually happened. B) My abandonment issues are very real. C) That monkey hands will probably point out the time she asked me to go to Belges with her for her friends wedding and I said no because I was a pennyless bum and seem to have conveniently forgotten the offer.

As for the girl I shall codename 'homestaress' the one I made a lacklustre attempt to follow, she illustrates the scenario where her assumption that I wouldn't come with her is probably correct. I wouldn't have, her future was too restrictive for mine to be compatable. But she didn't think to ask, to do me the kindness of coming to the same conclusion on my own.

So yeah, I really liked the ending of Chungking express, if not the 40 minutes of a girl going crazy in some dudes apartment before said ending, but maybe that's just my cultural perspective, making me think that grown men and women having childish conversations with giant stuffed animals is a bit sad and weird.

By the same token the annoying sequence allowed for Tony Leung's sweat line 'I've become more observant...'

4 1/2 clams.

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