Monday, December 15, 2008

Self Employment is Interesting

I have to say, whilst not being easy I like being self-employed a lot. And not for the usual reasons - set your own hours, work at home, be your own boss.
It just makes a lot of sense. It's a very distortion free way of doing business. For example, it becomes aparant very quickly when you are spending time on something of no value. Every single decision you make is a data point to learn about your business because your business is your actions.
Literally, what time I get up in the morning is now a business decision. As a result I try to get up early every morning, I haven't lapsed into the sleep till 2pm model of just plain unemployment.
I make heaps of mistakes constantly, but I learn constantly as well. Like when I get bogged down in something because its urgent, not because its important. I learn more about customer relations, value adding, planning, budgeting etc in three months than i did in 3 years at Honda.
Yes, financially thus far it's not that lucrative. I live in a tent in a garage and won't be moving up to the west side any time soon.
But at the same time, the finances are honest too. You literally own the piece of work you are going to do, that work literally has a value, you do it and then at the end of the day its done.

Thus far my recommendations are:
1. Keep your living costs down so you can assume more risk.
2. Always go for the contract you want not the one you are given.
3. Try for things you are sure will be of value for the customer, not things you are sure you can do.
4. Chase failure in order to chase success.
5. Get feedback. Get mother fucking feedback on everything you do.
6. Know thyself.

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So, what are you actually doing?