Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Beijing 08 watch 3: The Australian pursuit of incompetence

George Bush's administration lies in tattered ruins, having lost both the house and the senate, Bush has dropped off the radar in favor of Obama and Hilary's struggle for power and a rising John McCain. Howard his old buddy got sent packing, Blair retired gracefully before him, and spain got its self respect back a long time ago.
The legacy of Bush though, is he was almost unique in being destined for disaster and failure from the get go, his policies and visions requiring an active lack of thought to not do the mearest projection to see how they might fail exhibit A: war on terror - time taken to see it will fail - 3 minutes terrorism is reactionary in nature and organised informal through an internet like structure of cells connecting to eachother versus centralised state based armies take it the rest of the way from there. exhibit B: regime change in Iraq - time taken 2 minutes, this was easy based on their never being an officially stated reason supported by evidence for the war, thus thusly it is easy to see that without a reason, and therefore a goal it had to fail.
So now I notice rudd is visiting Japan to allay concerns over Australia's relationship with China and it occured to me, wouldn't it be ironic to finally be rid of a prime minister that brown nosed the walking disaster that is George Bush, only to replace it with a prime minister that enthusiastically brown noses the perpetual disaster that is China.
If we want to break such a worrying partnership early, boycotting the Olympics is a good place to start. Not because I'm anti chinese, I'm anti stupidity, and the Chinese rising is the stupidest thing I've ever witnessed.

btw this isn't an April fools joke.

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