Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A New Fear

Sure being single sometimes is a daunting scary prospect. But a thought occured to me the other day, that resulted in pure abject horror.
What if there is something worse than being single? What if I know what that is?
I do. Loser couples, self referencial microcosms of loserdom. It's something I've seen a couple of times but thought, no that could never happen to me.
It's like when Nathaniel and I were in highschool together, talking about our singular status. I wasn't happy with binary single/couple toggling. I believed that I was something more than single. A cut above single. Nathaniel said 'that's me too, a cut above single.' That was the first I ever expanded the black and white world into shades of grey, but there's good gray like graphite, carbon fiber etc and bad grey like grey wool and well 80% of my old school uniform really.
Bad gray is the inverse situation, something less than being a couple, less even than being single, but not single but a couple? a couple of losers.
You've seen them, insidiously oblivious to how tragic they are whering their bad clothes reading comics together, or lining up to see that movie you wanted to see until you saw them lining up with you. Or making out in the TV room, or on public transport.
Possibly the most tragic view though, is if when you see a loser couple, you are looking at your parents. But things could yet still be worse, you could be a loser family.
Morley wherever you are, tell me I'm not a loser.

btw if you happen to be a winner, do the charitable thing and date a loser, that way your children will at least be half loser half winner.

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