Saturday, January 05, 2008

God Question 3.

what is he up to back there?
otherwise could be stated as 'what is god's motivation?' or as captain kirk put it in that star trek film, what does god need with a spaceship? One can clap one's hands and say brilliant when Captain Kirk does it, what a "god test" to prove one hasn't found the residence of the all powerful being. Because if god was god, he wouldn't need a spaceship.
But what does god need with people? what is god doing? why? Christian belief has it he's obliged more or less to prepare for showdown. But the popular dodge, used by South Park in Go God Go, is that where science is concerned with How, religion can tell us why? which whilst the episode makes fun of Dawkins, and Mrs Garrison is the best character on that show, and I can imagine that fans of 'the God Delusion' being smarmy, they do miss the point that we are overly generous in giving religion domain over "why".
Why did god create the earth in seven days? he was bored no doubt, but then that presumes he created the solar cycle thus defining days, as ricky gervais points out in the dark. And then he just made light up! but why, religion in the form of Judeo commentary doesn't tell us why at all, it tells us how, and the how by faith in reason, is wrong.
I don't know the other creation stories well, a bit of the homeric ones, and the dreamtime stories.
None of them explain why, some entity decided to do this thing, no why. So why? what fucking game does an omnipotent being play? there's the heathen game, and the game of morality I guess. Telling people rules to alter their behaviour. But it seems to me God, being the creator, and all powerful, shouldn't really care? or again, is god merely not that powerful, because if God's powers are so limited as to depend on my behaviour, why do I give a shit about god at all.
Why for example does god let me write this post? what omnipotent purpose does he have in my doing it? or allowing Muslims to believe and spread herasy? or allowing Jews to believe and spread herasy? or allowing Hindus to believe and spread herasy? or allowing Christians to believe and spread herasy? or allowing Quakers to believe and spread herasy? or in allowing Zoro Astrians to believe and spread herasy? or allowing Buddhists to believe and spread herasy? and so on ad nauseum.
Why does he create life on a tiny mote of a spec of a dot of a point of the universe, swimming in a vast beyond comprehension ocean of elements, inpenetrable to us for our entire history save a brief expedition to our nearest desolate sphere?
Just to watch us and our own interactions?
And at what point in god's own time did he decide this all needed to begin?
There's another answer to the question if you can figure it out.
What is god up to? what is his motivation?

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