Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Living the Montage

I just finished my third 12 hour day in studio in a row. I'm currently doing a bunch of painstaking practice, the sort of work that gets covered in 30 seconds - 2 minutes in a movie. It'd be interesting to see an actual montage of a kid going away to get good at being an artist. Like they show him hitting a note book at age 12, and then a bunch of select crops as he learns contour, rendering, massing, construction, foreshortening, perspective, composition, colour etc. And then at the end of the montage he is 40 years old, but a master illustrator/painter whatever.

And while I say painstaking, it's where I want to be, and I think that's the secret of the montage. Not that they take a long time in real time, but that they require you to actually love doing that work.

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