Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I find Pineapples Inherently Funny

Probably due to lovable comedy show Psych.

But anyway, disturbingly the other day, and I'm just going to ask you to accept that somebody asked me 'which fruit would you beat somebody to death with?' because these are the kinds of questuroos I get asked. And I didn't even need to hesitate -


Then I got stuck in a giggle-loop, I'm actually really good at self-hypnosis. Most of us are as children, our fun and games are real to us, well I retain that ability, probably because I just never stopped playing.

Anyhoo, I could actually... and this disturbs even me... hear my victims cries of minor pain, discomfort and overwhelming confusion as I wailed on him with a pineapple in each hand, and I couldn't stop laughing.

And then I realized that I could never explain to anybody else satisfactorily what exactly it was I found so funny, and this revelation has one reliable reaction from me.

I lose my shit.

I fucking lose my shit completely.

Anyway, think about it, pineapples are the perfect thing to wail on somebody with.

Years prior I had written a work document 'pineapple club' which was just the rules of fight club with the additional stipulation that everybody had to use pineapples to fight with.

So it wasn't even new, but it was still gold.

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