Wednesday, May 22, 2013


was received really well. I think if you're an artist, and are always struggling to produce 'real' art, you get caught out by what of your output people really like, and how much they really like it. In many ways the colour exhibition was smaller, less organised, less pieces, less promotion. but only slightly, and it was still a big success.

But the thanxhibition. the part I didn't have to do, and almost didn't but did, that was what pushed me closer to being who I want to be. People really dug the free art. And I was prepped to do it, even if it undercut my own sales (it didn't), and I felt like the disparity in qualities would go noticed and thus, they wouldn't be appreciated. But people were really into it. Really excited about getting a free piece of my output.

I would recommend to any artist doing a thanxhibition.

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