Friday, March 09, 2012

Grey Matters

For the past 8 weeks or so I've been seeing a psychologist. Now my sessions have finished and I am out in the world on my lonesome again.

Much of the headway made in those sessions is just sinking in now though two weeks or so since we wrapped my head back up.

It's been good for me.

Some frustrations though bubble to the surface.

Like, I have issues. But I was able to see a psychologist and pay nothing for 5 weeks for problems that in the scheme of things are minute. If I address my problems, my quality of life should be significantly improved.

If say somebody with a diagnosable personality disorder, or addiction, or actual histories of abuse, sufferring... all the kind of things that really fuck with people were able to draw on the same resources like I can their quality of life would skyrocket.

There is however, I admit, prerequisites to being able to take advantage of mental health services, but what frustrates me the most is how stigmatised mental health is. That's not controversial, nor for such recent sciences as psychology is it really surprising that the stigmatism is still around... it's not a 'it's 2012 I can't believe Sam Newman is still on the air!' type argument I make.

It's more that I don't see any concerted effort by any organisations, politicians etc to actually destigmatise mental health, seeing a psychologist etc. Probably the most progressive pushing of mental health for all message is the portrayel of psychiatry in 'The Sopranos'.

So this week I'm going to post a two parter on 'Dealing With Shit' because while it remains to be seen as to whether I can deal with my own shit, I have at the very least come part of the way, which is more than most manage.

So I'm going to start destigmatising right here.


-TiG- said...

Do it!

Yalei Wang said...

dude, what is your shrink like? I've seen about 5 in my life and they've been been cruddy.

ohminous_t said...

I was going to touch on that point Yalei, I am begginning to suspect that like other professional services you,two different people might get two very different results from the same psychologist.

I found mine really good, but I knew the specific things I needed to work on before I showed up. Which made her job easier, but my mother and sister have both used her and made actual real progress from the process.